Vintage Custom Boost Overdrive Distortion ODD-1

Our first limited series of effects pedals, Drivestortion, consists on a new concept of the classic overdrive/distortion op-amp circuit layout. Drivestortion gives you a Boost, Overdrive and Distortion. It's been coined as ODD-1, this op-amp circuit is exclusive of Tanque Lab Ltd; a new tone for the electric guitar, produced in a super limited series due to a selection of vintage electronics components, so in order to standardize every series, this is our first run of effects pedals as an exclusive edition.

Mechanically and electronically assembled according to develop a standard of the design, which develop is in continuous progress. Probably, future enclosure designs will be updated, according to our experiences. Working with musicians, sound engineers, customers and endorsers, and better friends, we are working all together, and collaborating in the design of every circuit and corresponding tone of our effects pedals. Thanks them all, today we can offer this limited edition of the Drivestortion ODD1 with a full set of instructions and different setups, in order to help to understand the functionalities and versatility of this new vintage circuit, also, when it gets combined with others buffered and un-buffered pedals.

Teaser Daniel Cortes reviewing Tanquelab Drivestortion ODD-1.

Produced by Ina Ramirez Boutique Creativa.

All our effects pedals are designed from scratch, and following a same pattern, as per their corresponding proptotype. All designs are exposed to a continuous evolution along the process of standadization of different series and models. Most of these changes are related to mechanical variations of the enclosure design and user manipulation.

This project started as a challenge, in order to create a new distortion circuit layout from scratch, still using analogue technology and a vintage circuit layout, discovering an umbrella of possibilities around, soft and hard clipping distortion options, finding different ways to be combined in a single amplification stage circuit, and adding separate controls for more of an experience with a huge distortion range along the saturation of the IC OpAmp chip.

This new drive/distortion circuit and it waveform gives different dynamic responses and distortion range along different gain levels, keeping a suitable bandwidth and achieving a wide range of tonalities for guitar, from a smooth clean boost to more of a clipping distortion and OpAmp fuzz tones, having control over featured drive/gain and distortion along the whole frequency range, and controlling the overdriven signal from your guitar volume control as per an open gain overdrive pedal, this effect pedal cleanup overdriven signal when roll off from guitar volume.

Drivestortion works similarly like a tube preamp, a vintage circuit which is able to colour the original guitar tone at low settings, it includes altering the tone of your next pedals in the rig. It also allows slightly higher voltages, a negative center 12 Volt PSU would give more headroom to your amp.

This boost overdrive distortion circuit is based on the same family of legendary OpAmp family RC4558, using a NEC chip, as found in the well known early overdrive pedals made in Japan.

Drivestortion is in the edge of an high gain pedal, it travels along a huge saturation range with two controls, these controls combine soft and hard clipping distortions, going from a clean transparent unitary gain boost to a more of an overdriven guitar signal, then adding an extra taste of hard clipping distortion. It also delivers op-amp fuzz response at certain settings, when distortion is combined with the drive/gain control, to give more attack and punch to your sound.

Designed with soft and hard diode clipping distortion in a single amplifier stage, delivering an huge range of high gain guitar tones, and noiseless, avoiding multiple amplification stages and improving signal amplitude. More of a noiseless guitar signal and defined dynamic responses, more output amplitude and guitar tonality range, a versatile high gain pedal for electric guitars. Built in a mix of NOS vintage and modern electronics, with a selection of parts and electronics components tough to audio grade and military standards, Drivestortion ODD-1 goes from unitary gain, clean and transparent smooth boost, up to more of an high gain and warm overdriven distortion, including unpredictable fuzz responses at the limits of the gain controls. Suitable to deliver warm valve tones depending on your amp channel.



Boost Overdrive Distortion

Super Limited Edition.

The circuit of the Drivestortion ODD-1 is not designed as a conventional state variable op-amp circuit, or other similar diagrams with multiple active amplification stages. It will not change the tone of your guitar or cover mistakes of a bad guitar or performance, would push/boost a clean channel tube amplifier massively, getting unitary gain at full, without loosing the original tone from your guitar. Apotheosis when opening fully the hot channel of an Hod Rod amp, or any other clean tube amplifier.

In the Drivestortion ODD-1 you can control drive and distortion separately from two different control knobs, instead of using two different pedals and corresponding cables and connections, reducing noise floor considerably in comparison with current high gain and overdrive and distortion pedals on market. This Drivestortion takes place in a single op-amp stage circuit, adding more headroom, more of a Marshall tone, more gain, combining soft and hard clipping distortion, and noiseless. Soft clipping is controlled by the drive control knob, and hard clipping from the Distortion control. It allows to setup a Boost pedal in front, or you can use active pickups, a clean boost wouldn't change the tone of your Drivestortion, as a vintage circuit, it allows this clean boost input signal to be added with different amount of soft/hard clipping distortion at unitary gain (low settings).

The rest of the circuit is well known, a master volume and a passive tone control circuit, a vintage design which makes this pedal ideal to be combined with fuzz, buffered and un-buffered pedals.