TANQUE LAB LIMITED creating a new line of effects pedals for the electric guitar, produced in a super exclusive and limited series due to exhaustive selection of vintage electronics components. All our effects pedals offer exclusive and original designs, mechanical shape, forms and dimension; developing and manufacturing and assembling every exclusive part of the pedal in our workshops. Designed from scratch, each series of effects pedal follows a standard specification, mechanically and electronically.

The name of TANQUELAB and inspiration comes from a popular expression. Talking about designing a robust and solid built pedal, the circuit to be protected of external interference with a thick chassis, which could resist heavy impact. A pedal that could resist a heavy weight on top, thrown down the stairs like the first Vox amplifier test, or even from a penthouse down the street, and it will continue to work. Tanque means Tank in Spanish, so it comes from the expression "built like a tank".

A small family business, a partnership between two cousins working on different areas of the effects pedals. Around us, a great family of musicians, and better friends, always supporting this small pedal company in different areas of the development and the final tests. Electronics and mechanical engineers working together to produce superior custom effects pedals tough to professional audio grade and military standards, achieving a new vintage guitar tonality and distortion range and versatile control, and suitable design according to sizes of the modern pedalboards in current market.

All mechanical parts have been hand crafted in our TANQUELAB workshop, including special tools for the designs and manufacturing of the enclosures, all systems and tools have been created and developed by the team, implementing processes which improved our execution times.

Superior custom TANQUELAB effects pedals design, develop and finally assembled in the City of London. Built with our own hands from scratch, one at a time, creating genuine guitar tones with new vintage parts and electronics circuit diagrams and corresponding original PCB layout. Handcrafted with the highest quality material and a mixed selection of vintage NOS and modern audio grade and military standard electronics components. Achieving robust and reliable effects circuits and enclosure designs suitable for all professionals, electric guitar and bass guitar players, sound engineers and producers. Analogue vintage effects, as opposed to current digital solutions in use, offer several additional advantages of interest to the musical instruments market.

Prototypes: Fuzz and Treble Booster

Special Preorders only by email: info@tanquelab.com

Fuzz MKI Rev.5

Fuzz Excelsior

Fuzz MKI Rev.5

Treble Booster OC44

Fuzz MKI Rev.5


Tanque Lab Limited

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