New Vintage Custom Op-amp Boost Overdrive Distortion

Drivestortion ODD-1 been designed with an exclusive selection of NOS parts and electronics components tough to audio grade and military standards.

Drivestortion ODD-1 is on the edge of a high gain pedalboard and travels along a huge saturation range of the op-amp circuit with two separate clipping distortion controls, drive and distortion.

This boost overdrive distortion circuit is based on the same family of the legendary OpAmp RC4558, setting up original Japanese and Malaysian NEC c4558c Op-Amp chip. Open gain circuit that cleanups the overdriven signal with the guitar volume control rolled off. Think of vintage Marshall tone, adding more gain, more headroom, combining soft and hard clipping distortion in the same unit, and noiseless.

The circuit of this Drivestortion ODD-1 is not designed as a conventional state variable op-amp circuit, or other similar diagrams with multiple active amplification stages. Overdrive and distortion are controlled separately, both effects built in the same amplification stage, reducing noise floor, and offering a smooth high-mid frequency boost when increasing drive/gain. The rest of the circuit is well known, a passive tone and master volume controls. A new vintage design to be combined with fuzz, boost, compressor, and other overdrive/distortion effects of your high-gain section, buffered and un-buffered pedals.