Vintage Custom Tanquelab Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz MKI.5 AC128 GE

Drivestortion ODD-1 been designed with an exclusive selection of NOS parts and electronics components tough to audio grade and military standards. This unit offers four external controls for volume, saturation adjustment of the fuzz distortion range and response, amplitude adjustment of the output offset biasing voltage for dialling the output bias of the fuzz signal, and fuzz distortion control.

TANQUELAB FUZZ FUZZ FUZZ MKI.5 AC128 setup with a selected pair of marked code Mullard germanium transistors and NOS audio grade electronics, including carbon comp and non magnetic military grade resistors.

Please, note this is a vintage circuit and will require isolated PSU station or separated power supply. This pedal doesn’t work in a daisy chain configuration or sharing a same power source with other modern pedals, do not use with a non isolated PSU station.

Noise-less. Click-less. Works with external isolated 9Volt PSU and internal 9Volt battery. Top mounted jacks and DC plug. It comes in aluminum flight-case. Exclusive and unique fuzz pedal setup, professionally designed and hand built in the City of London.